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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the window. >> reporter: and the baby's mother is being h d t the 52nd precinct. again, she'slaxpected to be charged as early as tomorrow. we're live tonight in the bronx, lori bordonaro, news4, new york. a high school football star's death is raising big questions among parents, primarily, were there warning signs? the teenc!ook a bad hit on a new jersey field and later died bays bauz -- because his spleen was enlarged and ruptured. lauren hill high school students are reeling from the death of 17-year-old adam murray. he walked off the field after a hard hit to his abandon during the game pri fri friday night. he collapsed on the sidelines and died a short time later. murray died from internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen. dr. nanawat, who frequently serves as team physician in the
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his already large spleen put him at risk. >>ch it was already large and was not protected by the ribs, but it's already more fragile because it's swollen, then the chance of a spleen rupture increases. >> reporter: the medical examiner won't say why is spleen was enlar ed to begin with. doctors say there is a variety of reasons. the most common in an otherwise healthy 17-year-old would be mononucleosis, or mono. the issue is so important that every high school football player must answer the question about whether he or she has had mono on the sports aorm. >> it's a combination of having enlarged disorder, having a larger spleen from that disorder and getting a bump on the head. >> reporter: the type of fatal injury murray suffered is
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in a survey of all high school football players in the u.s.,able u.s., abdominal injuries don't account for the top ten of football injuries. he announced that his high school football team will play this weekend on saturday night at home against voorhees. that's two days after murray's funeral which will be held on wednesday afternoon. i'm jen max field, news4, new york. olice tracked down and arrested a man they believe sexually assaulted two women earlier this month. 45-year-old walter tomei is behind bars. both of his victims got off the transit bus that runs on broad avenue. bail has bee set at $75,000. a kings county judge set a january trial day for an nypd officer for fatally sho oting an unknown man in a dark stairwell.
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they were patrolling the houses on november 20 when he shot and killed akai gurley. he was indicted for that shooting a short time later. a baltimore judge has set the first trial in the case of shooting freddie gray for october 30. the other trials are set for early next year. he was a black man that died during his arrest. a final farewell to a new york sports legend. yogi berra was laid to rest today in an area he called home. >> there was a national tribute to a man known as an american treasure. >> lawrence peter berra. what a life, what a legacy.
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new jersey, family and friends gathered to bid farewell to the man who passed away at the age of 90. >> whe we're from or what we do is hardly as important as who we are and where we're going. >> reporter: his emince, cardinal timothy dolan, presided atpfunt ral the funeral mass at the church of the immaculate nception. it paid homage to the lives of everyone fortunate enough to cross his path. family members brought the standing room only crowd to tears with memories of the beloved yankees catcher. >> my brother lawrence, who in baptism received the light of christ, scattered over darkness and proceeded him in death. >> reporter: there was one celebratio of colors, to honor the man who participated in the normandy invasion. old glory was presented to
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when the church had emptied, i gather aid ed a few final thoughts from the man slekd elected to you'll eulogize him, joe tory. >> you like to think someone will come down the pike, but yogi certainly was unique and i was really blessed to have been a friend of his. >> yogi wasn't just an iconic yankee, he was sports royalty. derek jeter, manny rivera and manfred were among the people paying their respects today. it was an honorary day for the historic figure. anyone who would like to pay
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tribute to yogi can do so this sunday from noon to 5:00 p.m. at ghis museum and learning center on the campus of montclair state university. >> bruce, thanks so much. i'm sure a lot of people are going to go there. go to nbcnew for the life and legacy of yogi berra. check out a photo collage of his life. the i-team sarah wallace uncovered in an interview behind bars. a terror threat in the u.s. president obama takes up the utissue at the u.n.ho> fear of another outbreak of legionairre's here at the bronx
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. the number of terror plots in the u.s. is growing. and so is the threat. those warnings from a top terror official tonight. >> it comes as president obama gifrz a speech at the u.n., calling on world leaders to do more to fight isis.
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reporter jonathan dietz is here with details. jonathan? >> last year officials said about a hundred americans were busy fighting isis or helping them. they continue to recruit across the globe skmeer and here at home. they continue to hold lots of territory. at the u.n., they said more must be done to stop the terror of fighters across the region. >> isis has been able to attract adhere adherence not just from the areas they operate but here in our own countries. >> reporter: they were blunt about isis' growing increase here. >> in terms of trends, we have
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to make attacks here in the united states. about 20 of those were in the year 2015. >> reporter: now isis recruiters overseas are directly targeting young people on line, calling for strikes here. >> i think we've been at a period of time now where it's blinking red inside the united states. you're lucky you have one of the finest police departments in the world, and you also have a dedicated fbi, but i think we'll continue to see a disproportionate number of cases that come out around the new york area. >> harlan says those overall numbers are still very small, but as a result, finding any lone actor is difficult. he says it's important to counter isis or isil's on-line propaganda. >> they use rape as a political tool that kills indiscriminately. >> reporter: he said families and local communities need to be aware of the risk. >> reporter: in over half the cases, there was someone in the community in a position to intervene who did not.
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we need to you step up. we need you to do those interventions. >> reporter: harlan says there's been 70 operations in the u.s. this year, 70, up from 20 last year with investigations under way in all 50 states. carlan says don't be surprised if the number of isis cases increases again in the coming year. >> all right, jonathan, thank you. president obama sat down with cuban president raul castro in the united nations today. the gathering marks the first face to face meeting on u.n. soil as they work on the trade embargo. the u.s. is said to condemn the embargo, but only the u.n. can lift the sanctions. we were the only reporter in cuba during the president's visit last week, and she has some interesting observations. >> reporter: having just spent
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time in cuba during pope francis' visit, i can tell you the cubans are paying very close attention to the relationship raul castro is developing with president obama and what it could mean for them. there are many restrictions released from cuba over the last several years. restaurants called paladars operated out of homes have been popping up more and more around havana. internet is accessible where cubans can purchase access by the hour, but it's very expensive. the average cuban makes around 20 to $30 a month, and wi-fi can cost 5 to $10 an hour. internet access is not allowed in the home except in a very few specific circumstances, if someone is a doctor or professor, for example. religion was only allowed back in cuba to be practiced openly since pope
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the pope's visit in 1999. after pope francis' visit and raul raul's meeting with president obama, many cubans told me they want these talks to move quickly because they want more opportunities, more freedom and more access to the way of life that we enjoy here in the states. soldiers have resumed their search for a nazi train from world war ii that might be buried underground. the soldiers are searching mines of the south and western poland. a train loaded with gold, jewels and weapons was stored in a tunnel by retreating nazis in 1945 and never discovered. in august, two amateur hunters said they located that train and that it should be unearthed and displayed as a tourist attraction. so who cares about trains if you have a dollar or two dollars? head to your corner store and pay the powerball because the jackpot is now at $301 million.
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new york and 43 other states are participating. you have until 9:00 p.m. wednesday to buy your ticket. the drawing will take place tomorrow night, and the new york lot lotto jackpot, by the way, is bumped up to $49 million. you have to pick the numbers because you're a lucky guy. he is so lucky, janice. >> i'm with it. i'm good, chuck. all the way. >> it's a team effort. what about this weather today? it's like august all over again. temperatures in the 80s. high humidity. it was really sticky and messy out there today. central park high was 83, 82 in newark and 80 in la guardia and bridgeport and thundershowers popping up out there as well. we have heavy rain possible overnight and into the morning. we're talking three inches.
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east of the bahamas four or five miles. the top winds are at 60 miles an hour, and it's strengthening. it's possible that by this time tomorrow evening, joakim could be a category 1 hurricane. it has slowed down now, but what does that mean for us? if the track continues, it will take a turn to the north over the weekend and start heading northward toward the northeast coastline and toward new england by sunday afternoon. now, yesterday's review, the track showed a lot closer to us by sunday afternoon. now it's a little bit farther away, a little bit farther to the south because it slowed down, so we have to continue to watch the storm as things progress. because a lot of this could change between now and then. if it stays on track, the possibility of more heavy rain and wind coming into our area over the weekend. so that's still not a given. we still have to watch and see things track along. right now we're seeing pretty good rain out there in southern
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the west by mt. olive and chester and mt. bouton in new jersey getting some showers. and in florida near blooming grove, you're getting some rain there. temperatures are in the 70s. look at all that rain to our south and west. that's what's coming through tonight. there could be some street and highway flooding in the morning across that area with 2 to 4 inches expected. so watch out. there are flood watches in effect. 75 tomorrow. look at this, 50s to near 60 for the highs on thursday and friday with more rain in the forecast. yes, we need the rain, but it could be a little bit too much at once. we'll keep tracking things for you and we'll have another update at 5:30. back to you. when we continue, legionnaires disease in the bronx. >> you're right, it keeps happening. what keeps causing these cases and why is it always in the bronx? the information we've uncovered, coming up next.
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coming up 6:00, months after the east village explosion, repairs have been made, but tenants in one building are still without gas. what's being done to get the
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breaking news on the latest legionnaires cluster and the city tells us there are three new cases, bringing the total to 10, all in the bronx. >> we're still in contact with city officials to find out the source of this infection. cooling towers are certainly suspect. >> but why does this keep happening in the bronx? we did some digging to find out. >> reporter: a new cluster of legionnaires disease stirs reaction in the bronx. >> a little scary. >> now 10 new cases still unclear. >> we identify this as a cluster. it doesn't mean we know what the cause is of these infections in
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these individuals, but they are geographically linked, and for that reason the health department has already sought, identified and tested. >> reporter: but not related to the deadly outbreak over the summer. the health department linked those cases to cooling towers with owners next to cooling towers forced to register stwet with the city and state. manhattan has nearly 4,000 cooling towers to just 261 in the bronx. there are more than 5,000 towers registered throughout the five burroughs. but with so many units in manhattan, why are so many cases in the bronx? we asked the department of health that question. they're searching for the answer as well. >> there are a bunch of places in the city with a lot of cooling towers, and only in the bronx. it's weird. >> i would imagine the reason why there isn't that many in manhattan, they're probably more on top of it.
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has worked in the bronx for r many years. she's worried about the risk. >> it's happening. it was ate in the bronx over the summer, it's here in morris park. where will it be next? >> the city is working to prevent that very spread. looking at what's new at 5:30. we have an i-team exclusive. a conviction in question. new evidence in a 17-year-old murder case. >> anybody can say they didn't do it, but i was there, so i know he wasn't lying. i know he didn't do that. >> the biggest i-team says how a new witness may free an innocent man. then the state invested big bucks in high-profile projects like the new tapestry bridge. but what about other agencies' bridges? what you need to know before you hit the road. the storm team is tracking
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heavy rain headed to our area. when you'll see it and whether
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right now on news4 new york, an i-team exclusive, we go behind bars to speak to a convicted murderer who may have gotten the break of a lifetime. a new witness came forward claiming an arrest was a mistake. >> there are now several items overturned or now in question. the brooklyn d.a.'s office says it is reviewing the conviction of this man, 34-year-old nelson cruz.
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a 1998 murder in east new york. the i-team's sarah wallace joins us now for what she's uncovered. sarah? >> reporter: why is this case so compelling? it involves new evidence in a 17-year-old murder and it raises new questions about louis scarpel scarpella and his tactics. what are the chances this case broke in a prison yard and an exchange with two prisoners. 34-year-old nelson cruz has now spent more than half his life in prison. he was 16 when he says he willingly went to the 75th precinct in east new york, brooklyn to answer cops' questions about a street murder. >> i've been in here as a kid from day one. >> reporter: in this exclusive jailhouse interview at grieve een haven prison, he said his life
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louis scarpella walked into the room. >> reporter: what did he want you to do? >> he wanted me to confess and he said, listen, just sign the paper and you will go home. i said, i'm not signing anything. >> reporter: scarpella's attorney denies that incident ever happened and denies scarpella ever took a statement from cruz. according to these documents, he and his partner did interview two people on the street during the murder. on e describes a male suspect with a ponytail pointing a black gun and then a muzzle flashed. he claimed he dropped the gun at the scene. >> reporter: did you ever have a ponytail? >> no. never had a ponytail. >> scarpella and his partner get to the precinct and everything changes. no longer is someone they arrested on the street with a murder weapon, he's no longer a
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suspect. >> cruz was charged and convicted after one witness identified him. he claims his alibi witnesses were never interviewed, and at the time no one ever found william harding jr. who now says he was a witness to the murder. the killer was right in front of you. >> that's a fact. >> reporter: he took us back to the east new york neighborhood where he lived and left after watching his friend die on the street. >> a guy with a long ponytail fired two or three shots. >> reporter: you saw the shooting. >> i saw it with my own eyes. it was right there. >> reporter: he said he never knew about these police interviews which seemed to corroborate his account of the ponytailed shooter arrested by cops. >> he put his weapon there, said, drop the gun. they got the gun, they arrested him. i was there and there was nothing proven. >> reporter: cruz and harding, who were convicted of a weapons charge, ended up not only in
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